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KIT containing all necessary tools for bone screw and bone replacement surgery


3D microspores with a rough surface ensure abundant blood flow and attachment of osteoblasts. makes it easier Blood Wetting Provides excellent blood wettability with its extraordinary pore structure Perfect for Volume Care and Esthetic area and suitable for use with allograft or synthetic graft


Composed of 80% β-TCP and 20% HA, the optimal compound for osteogenesis. Blood Wettability Exceptional blood permeability and binding of osteoblasts leads to rapid bone formation Bone Replacement It is suitable for implant surgeries and posterior regions where the bone is located.


Stylish, modern and ergonomic
The modern and stylish K3 Dental Chair will complete all dental surgeries while offering comfort to the dentist, patient and assistant.

Stylish and Sophisticated

Stylish design complements any dental practice environment for a pleasant patient experience.

Convenient and Accessible

The easy-to-access SMART Delivery System provides all the essential tools a clinician needs to deliver the best patient experience.

Wide Options and Features

Available in a wide range of colours, the K3 comes standard with high-quality features and a variety of options to choose from.

Meets Expectations

Our excellent customer service and technician teams will provide a stress-free setup that allows you to treat your patients in a relaxed and calm environment.


Our IS3 provides accurate and objective measurements of implant stability and subsequent osseointegration. It acts as a reliable support when deciding whether to

How Does It Work?

IS3™ ISQ Monitor is based on RFA technique. Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA), clinicians It is a method that allows determination of stability. The IS3™ System uses an implant-attached peg. It the latch is excited using a hand tool. The vibration frequency is picked up by that instrument and the results are represented by a numerical ISQ value or Implant Stability Section.

Benefits of IS3™ System

  • The system increases your implant success rate by providing highly accurate measurement results.
  • The portable pen-type IS3™ unit is lightweight and mobile.
  • A handpiece with one key operation.
  • Increases your confidence in determining optimal loading time.
  • All IS3™ instruments included in the system kit are reusable.
  • Clear numeric displays on both sides with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.
  • Compared to other ISQ measuring equipment, the IS3™ system is more economical.


One Driver for Everything From Orthodontic Screws to Prosthetic Screws! Prevent orthodontic screw breakage, secure precise insertion path, minimize screw loosening lower and increase abutment attachment comfort

All Screws Related to Prosthesis Together!

From Insertion to Removal of Orthodontic Screw!

3 Shape Trios 4

Advanced scanning technology for a great impression

Enjoy unlimited wireless browsing with TRIOS Share - or just plug it in. New generation Take advantage of the instant warm-up technology in SmartTips - you'll be ready to scan in seconds. TRIOS Stay ahead of everything from wear and tear to cavities with the Patient Monitoring app. Each You will make a great impression every time!

Wired and wireless in one
Enjoy unlimited wireless browsing. Or just plug it in. 2-in-1 scanning, wireless dental combines the freedom of medicine with the assurance of a cable. All thanks to the leap in battery time. with the convenience of a browser that keeps working.

Ready to scan in seconds

Imagine not having to wait for your browser to be ready to use. InstantHeat technology Our fourth-generation scanner tips, which are used in no fog (from your breathing) compromises your scanning accuracy.

Internal counter

TRIOS 4 tips come with a built-in counter: it counts how many times your scanner has been autoclaved so you know what You know you're going to buy new bits from time to time. It also lets you know when it's time to recalibrate, so your tip always works at its best capacity.

T1 Tomography

The T1 is a digital X-ray imaging unit for dentists that uses Pano, Cephalo and CT technology for the diagnosis of anatomical structures of the mouth and maxillofacial regions, converting X-ray signals into digital signals to obtain 2D images and reconstruct them into 3D images. . The T1 has a 3-in-1 system that combines 3D, CT, Pano and Cephalo (Optional) imaging in one imaging system

User-friendly operation LED color provides a simple visual identification system. Audio guide and Temple support. Foot Beam and Wheelchair

Pre Milled Abutment

Making special abutments with thread milling equipment With the Osstem activation mark, the non-original product can be easily identification Superior clamping accuracy compared to non-original Series for various milling equipment (mill manufacturers: Doowon, Vatech, Neo, Manix, Zirkonzahn and Yenadent)

Link Abutment

Optimum Compatibility with OSSTEM TS Fixture 150% improved long-term stability compared to other products
Provided Official Library (3shape / ExoCAD) Improved Ti-Zr compatibility using custom library (minimizes dimensional error on zioconia abutment during milling) 3 types of cement void status within Zr part (can be selected according to the environment of the CAD / CAM device)